Oil Bath Air Filters for industrial machinery and endothermal engines.

Oil Bath Air Filters are mostly used on industrial machinery, endothermal engines especially working in very dusty environments or whenever you want to best preserve machine and guarantee its long lasting life cycle.
The intake air moves toward the oil bath in the tray, then goes up through the 2 AR metallic mesh cartridges that clean the air optimally.

Maintenance operations for oil bath air filters consist of periodical check (it depends on the use conditions) of the level and the quality of oil. In case of negative result, oil shall be emptied and replaced after washing the tray and the movable filter elements.
We start from OT/60 and OT/65 moplen (plastic material) models to steel, carbon, powder-coated models or those treated to resist to environments rich in acids. Infinite variants and customisations for Oil Bath Air Filters (iron filter cap, prefilters, air inlets/outlets position, drawing processes) therefore we suggest you to contact us for any special requirement. The filter case itself may be designed for dry air filtering with pleated filter elements.


for Oil Bath Air Filters available now:

100% Made in Italy

Morandi Filtri: the flexibility of a small craftman’s company for which “Made in Italy” trademark has always been its “work horse”.

Complete production cycle

The Air Filters entire production cycle is autonomously managed by the Company: from moulding to finished products.

Customized Air Filters

The Company is able to produce small and medium series of Air Filters on customers’ design and requirement.


Air filters high quality standard and outstanding delivery reliability.