Air filters for vintage cars from any makers (Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, ecc.)

Morandi Filtri, is Inspired by the traditions and passions driven by the territory,a landmark rich of stories and prestigious cars manifacturer.
The Company create from start to finish a bespoke Air Filters for Vintage cars from any makers ( Ferrari,Alfa Romeo,Fiat ecc.).

Morandi Filtri, pick and choose with precision and accuracy all the materials and adapt them to the clients requirements, able to supply major companies, historical brands as well as small car repairs.
Confident in more than 40yrs of experience, we will choose filters that match your requirements, and will provide the best performances without compromise on air quality.


for air filters for vintage cars:

100% Made in Italy

Morandi Filtri: the flexibility of a small craftman’s company for which “Made in Italy” trademark has always been its “work horse”.

Complete production cycle

The Air Filters entire production cycle is autonomously managed by the Company: from moulding to finished products.

Customized Air Filters

The Company is able to produce small and medium series of Air Filters on customers’ design and requirement.


Air filters high quality standard and outstanding delivery reliability.